Safety & Quality

Guarantee Safety and Quality

Cheeses made in-house to guarantee safety, flavor, and quality

In 1997, we established our cheese studio in order to deliver the best possible product to our customers.

We handle the whole cakemaking process, from raw ingredients, to baking, to deliveries that go nationwide.

Carefully crafted each day, fresh, by hand, and only to order

Our cheesecakes are made with housemade cottage cheese and carefully baked using a unique method that preserves the cheese's natural flavors and ingredients. The cheese is preservative-free and is delivered fresh each day directly to our cake studio. We have removed the nonessentials to produce a cheesecake with a cleaner and clearer flavor.

At Troika, we do everything in-house, even cheesemaking.
Located in Kitakami city, in the northern prefecture of Iwate, we receive Baked Cheesecake orders from all over Japan.