Troika's Cheesecake

Commitment to cheesecake

Original Baked Cheesecake

At Troika, we pay careful attention to every step of the cheesecake-making process, from the raw ingredients to every step beyond. Each cheesecake is crafted with special housemade cheese made in our cheese studio, right here in the nature-rich prefecture of Iwate.

We bake our cheesecakes with a unique "medium aging" method to produce cakes with a crispy outer cookie dough layer and a rich filling that is so mild and creamy that some mistake it for the "no-bake" variety.

Cheeses made in-house to guarantee safety, flavor, and quality

No cheesecake is complete without its key ingredient, cheese.

At Troika, we care about more than just the flavor of our cheesecakes; we also care about the cheese itself. In 1997, we established our cheese studio in order to deliver the best possible product to our customers.

We handle the whole cakemaking process, from raw ingredients, to baking, to deliveries that go nationwide.

At Troika, we do everything in-house, even cheesemaking.
Located in Kitakami city, in the northern prefecture of Iwate, we receive Baked Cheesecake orders from all over Japan.