About Troika

Please come and see what Troika has to offer.

Russian Cuisine Troika opened its doors in 1973.

Russian cuisine is unpretentious and has characteristic flavors that are somehow reminiscent of the earth.

Russian cuisine is mildly flavored and uses a rich variety of locally produced grains (buckwheat flour, wheat flour, rice), vegetables, and dairy products (cheese, yogurt).

Some of you may hesitate to try Russian cuisine, but why not stop by and give it a chance?

We tailor our dishes to the Japanese palate, and most of our dishes go well with rice.

Troika's Cheesecake

Owner Masashi Takahashi

Our "hard cheesecake" era

When Troika first opened, cheesecakes were still uncommon in Japan, and our customers in Kitakami were very pleased. Some customers were so happy that they were brought to tears! However, other customers also said, "Today's cheesecake is too hard."

In response to this feedback, we began a trial-and-error process to produce a new, more delicious cheesecake with wonderful baked color and a silky-smooth feel.

Pursuing cheesemaking

As we continued our pursuit of the ideal cheesecake, the world experienced a cheesecake boom.

Cheesecakes started to appear everywhere, and, at Troika, we felt there was the risk of being buried under this deluge. It was then that we had the idea of also producing cheesecake's key ingredient—the cheese itself.

In 1997, we opened our cheese studio in Kitakami and began to use housemade cheese in our cakes.

This was a major turning point.

Nowadays, people often talk about "local production for local consumption" and "food safety," but luckily, we were working on these things before they became popular.

Cheese made in Japan tends to be white while cheese mixed with imported cheeses tends to be yellow.

As a cheesemaker, we would like to inform more people about the differences and properties of such cheeses.

Also, we use cream cheese for half of our cheesecakes and low-calorie cottage cheese for the other half.

Cheesecakes may seem like a high-calorie food, but Troika's cheesecakes are lower-calorie than they look.

And, since our cakes are additive-free, they allow you to enjoy the cheese’s natural flavors.

Cheesecake reborn

At first, our baked cheesecake was considered "hard," but by switching to housemade cheeses and putting our cakes through many rounds of trial and error, we were able to produce what we offer today: a cheesecake made with fresh cheese that tastes wonderful and is silky-smooth.

We are who we are today thanks to our customers. Going forward, we will continue to listen to your feedback, pursue the best possible products, and deliver Troika's baked cheesecakes to more people around Japan.

At Troika, we do everything in-house, even cheesemaking.
Located in Kitakami city, in the northern prefecture of Iwate, we receive Baked Cheesecake orders from all over Japan.