Cheese Studio

Cheeses made in-house to guarantee safety, flavor, and quality

Cheesemaking is a delicate process affected
by both climate and the production method.
At Troika, we carefully and hygienically manage
the entire cheesemaking process.

All cheeses at the Troika Cheese Studio are made with fresh milk from Iwate prefecture that is collected the same day.

In addition to cottage cheese and cream cheese, which are indispensable for Troika's cheesecakes, we also make string, caciocavallo, mozzarella, and gouda cheeses.

Cheesemaking process: cottage cheese & cream cheese

At the Troika Cheese Studio, cheesemaking starts, each day, early in the morning. Then, through a careful process, it takes two days to make cottage cheese and three days to make cream cheese.

Approximately 200 liters of milk will make 19-20 kilograms of cheese.

Raw milk collected fresh each day from Iwate prefecture is separated into skim milk and fresh cream.

The skim milk is used to make cottage cheese and the fresh milk to make cream cheese.

At Troika, we do everything in-house, even cheesemaking.
Located in Kitakami city, in the northern prefecture of Iwate, we receive Baked Cheesecake orders from all over Japan.